Porsche Experience Center Atlanta

reimagining the Heritage Gallery experience.

the ask

In collaboration with the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, Dalton was given the task of re-envisioning the Heritage Gallery from concept to design—creating a new visitor experience for 2024. This gallery, located within the Porsche Experience Center Atlanta, offers an immersive journey through the brand’s racing and road car history by showcasing a variety of privately-owned Porsche vehicles paired with eye-catching graphics and messaging. With around 74,000 annual visitors and a 2,000 square foot space, the Heritage Gallery serves as a vital platform for engaging enthusiasts reinforcing the Porsche brand. Our objective for the 2024 exhibit was to create a theme, design compelling graphics, and craft messaging that resonates with visitors.

the execution

Through strategic planning and creative execution, the creative team sought to captivate guests with rare and significant cars that embody Porsche’s essence. With the theme “Pure Emotion,” our team dove deep into the essence of Porsche by sourcing imagery and content from all over the country. We procured a captivating blend of actual quotes from Porsche enthusiasts, coupled with imagery focusing on people and their deep connection to the brand. Through a careful selection of colorful and eye-catching visuals, accompanied by beautiful photography and thought-provoking statements, we celebrated Porsche as more than just a car—it’s an integral part of life for those intertwined with the brand.

the results

By immersing visitors in a narrative that resonates on a personal level, we wanted to evoke a profound emotional connection, ensuring every guest leaves with a renewed appreciation for the timeless allure of Porsche. The client was thrilled with the successful unveiling:

The curation of the Heritage Gallery is no easy task but Dalton delivered above our expectations. The design of the exhibit has to align with future brand messaging, creative that is engaging and tells a story but also board enough as parts of the exhibit change throughout the year. Dalton was challenged to design an exhibit that evoked feelings and emotions from everyone that visits our facility, whether true enthusiast or new audiences, and they achieved that on every aspect.

Sarah Riley | Marketing and Business Development Manager
Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

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