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Get to know Justin Campbell and Louise Lee.

Justin Campbell and Louise Lee both reside in our Jacksonville office.
Justin Campbell and Louise Lee both reside in our Jacksonville office.

Justin and Louise joined Dalton in April. 

Justin is an Account Service and Research Specialist with a background in analytics and media planning. When he isn’t helping our clients achieve their goals, he’s working on completing his MBA. Louise is a Social Media Manager with experience in creative direction and social marketing. Louise has a passion for all things reading and writing so when she’s not creating social content for our clients, you’ll find her buried in a book.

To help you get to know Justin, here’s a short Q&A.

  • What was your first concert? 
    Building 429 and Newsboys
  • What do you like doing on the weekends?
    Beach days for the win!  
  • Who is your hero?
    My mom is my hero because she raised me and my brother as a single mom. 
  • Favorite place you’ve traveled?
    Colorado. I love the mountains!
  • Why are you excited to work at Dalton?
    I am looking forward to working with some amazing people and growing as a marketing professional. I also love that I can bring my dog to work. I have a 6-month-old golden doodle, Penny, who keeps me young! 
Image 1: Justin enjoying his free time his favorite way, on the beach! Image 2: : Justin’s goldendoodle, Penny, who will make her appearance at the office soon!

And while Louise can’t recall her first concert, we were able to get a few fun facts about her.

  • What do you like doing on the weekend?
    I enjoy reading, especially philosophy and high fantasy books. Currently, I’m reading Mariana Alessandri’s Night Vision.
  • Who is your hero?
    My grandma is my hero. She transitioned from being a middle school teacher to a child psychologist. She was retired for a whole two weeks before she decided she missed her work, so she started her own private practice.
  • Favorite place you’ve traveled?
    My favorite place to travel is my great-grandfather’s cabin in the North Carolina mountains. It’s like a second home to me and my family.
  • Why are you excited to work at Dalton?
    I have previously worked in marketing for individual companies, but working at an agency means working with multiple companies and clients. I enjoy learning about and researching different industries, which is why I’m excited to work at Dalton.
Image 1: Louise and her siblings at one of her favorite places to travel, camping in the mountains. Image 2: : Louise and her hero, her grandmother.

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