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Dalton CFO Tony Drake Named Finalist for Nashville Business Journal CFO of the Year Award 


Dalton is proud to recognize our CFO Tony Drake as one of Nashville Business Journal’s finalists for their CFO of the Year award. NBJ recognized Tony’s rise within Dalton as a testament to his unparalleled financial expertise and exceptional leadership skills. Tony oversees all accounting and finance functions across the agency’s three offices in Nashville, Jacksonville, and Atlanta, showcasing his ability to manage complex operations across multiple locations. Dalton employees are familiar with Tony’s CFO skills, but with this honor, the city of Nashville also now knows about his many accomplishments. 

Tony’s holistic approach to financial leadership and operational management has significantly contributed to Dalton’s continued success. His responsibilities as CFO go beyond traditional financial management, as he seamlessly handles various critical aspects of the agency’s operations. He oversees production operations, effectively administers company benefits and human resource functions, manages building operations, and efficiently plans and executes office events. In addition, Tony provides invaluable support to over 90 employees, assisting them with billing, project management, HR practices, and day-to-day office operations. Successfully wearing that many hats simultaneously impressed the NBJ and landed him among seven finalists in the small private business category.

As an established business leader in the Nashville metro area, Tony has also successfully guided the agency through the acquisition of two companies in the highly competitive Nashville market, further expanding Dalton’s footprint. In 2018, he skillfully managed the acquisition of Anode, an integrated marketing and corporate show studio, where he previously served as the Director of Finance and Accounting. Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic in 2020, Tony expertly led Dalton’s successful acquisition of The Bradford Group, a PR and marketing firm, showcasing his strategic acumen and ability to navigate complex business environments.  

Nashville Business Journal determined honorees by asking the public to submit nominations for deserving CEOs in the categories of small private company, medium private company, large private company, nonprofit and public company. Nominees were then asked to submit questionnaires highlighting their accomplishments from the past year and how they kept their company’s finances in the black and thriving. An independent panel of judges scored the questionnaires, and those scoring the highest were named to this year’s list. 

This year’s full list of honorees is here

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